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Hi y'all,

This is my second DA page. I made a new one because the other got messy and was actually really old. And now I want to begin with a fresh start.

My name is Kimberley, I'm a graphic designer from The Netherlands. Currently I'm making 2D graphics for games. The school I'm currently going to is called "Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam", I study there to become a game designer and I'm in my last year now~

I love to make games for young girls, like dress up games. I really want to become better in drawing in photoshop right now, so I can take my art to another level.

Things I love to do are, playing games, shopping, reading manga's, watching anime/movies and much more. I like to meet up with people a lot to.
I'm into gyaru that's a style from Japan~

If you want to know more about me, just send me a message C: